The 1970s were a more peaceful era to live in, thanks to the age of the hippie and peace, love and flowers being brought to the forefront of life. You’ll get to explore that type of lifestyle, thanks to this Wild Water slot from Netent. Of course, naming a slot game Wild Water has to have something to do with the sea and having fun, right? Well, you’re absolutely correct. It does. This one takes you to the beach, where five friends have come together to spend some time bathing in the sun, surfing through the waves and having a good time. It’s what the 70s were all about!

You’ll get to partake in this fun experience, thanks to the high-quality graphics that Netent has chosen to use in this slot game. Plus, you can’t possibly have a slot about the 70s without incorporating some absolutely killer music. Wild Water brings that to you at the same time. In fact, if you’re looking to take a journey back in time, then this video slot could just be the game for you to play. Let’s find out what other features it contains.