Prepare yourself for a day of pillaging, raping and raiding! Well, maybe not. But when you hear the word ‘Viking’, it does invoke imagery of tall men with long hair and beards getting themselves ready to go out conquering areas of Scandinavia and beyond. Fortunately, in Viking Mania, Playtech has chosen to go a bit of a different route. Instead of ferocious and vicious Vikings, the characters appearing in the game seem to be having a lot more fun with life.

They do maintain the characteristic look of what we’ve all seen depicted as Vikings before, but thanks to the innovative theme, everything is a lot more laid back in the game. Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything but stellar graphics from the Playtech developer, which is what Viking Mania delivers. It also contains a very quirky and whimsical soundtrack that will no doubt get you smiling if you weren’t before. All in all, the impressions that you get from the game once you load it up is that you’re going to have a lot of fun spinning its reels.