You have likely already played Thunderstruck II, or if you haven’t – then you’ve probably heard of it. This is arguably one of the most popular slot games in slot game history, even years after its initial release. And it’s for sure among Microgaming’s top offerings.

But what is it that makes this title such a great hit with players? The answer to that is about as complex and manifold as the game’s setup and structure.

For one, the theme is an epic one, and that may also be part of the success. It features Norse gods and mythological characters, and they all look pretty swell, too. The visuals and graphics quality are another strong point of this slot game. They are of great quality, and the overall design here is simply stunning. Everything from the stone and metal textures to the Viking woven ornaments screams of attention to detail, and we love it. Not to mention the awesome, almost cinematic soundtrack that’s there to accompany gameplay. Oh, and the features, the features… They’re something you should definitely experience for yourself, and you even have the opportunity to do that right on this page – for free!