The Slotfather is back, and this time he is bigger and better than he was before! If you have played the original, Part 2 will definitely leave you awed at how much room for improvement there actually was. Betsoft traditionally delivers slot games with superb graphics, but The Slotfather: Part 2 surpasses even your wildest expectations. The visuals are much sharper, the characters more detailed, and the 3D quality of the graphics is about to make them pop out of the screen.

Just as in the previous title, though, we have some lovely music to set the mood for a classic gangster movie (we don’t think there is a need to mention the actual name of the movie referred to here). In the backdrop, you can see the Slotfather himself, cigar in his mouth and holding the iconic Thompson submachine gun. In fact, he has a quite prominent position on the screen, as you will notice. Even the reels are slightly moved to the side to make room for the head of the Italian mob. But let us have a better look at the more substantial aspects of this game, shall we…?