You got to experience him for the first time in Superman, but now he’s back and ready to tackle some villains who are hell-bent on destroying Earth. Yes, it’s time for Superman II to take hold of you. And we’re certain that it will, thanks to the abilities of developer Playtech. If you’ve never seen the original movie, then allow us to fill you in a little bit. Before the destruction of Krypton – the planet where Superman was born – three villains in the form of General Zod, Ursa and Non – are banished into the Phantom Zone. However, years later, this Phantom Zone shatters near Earth and releases the three of them. They find themselves granted with super powers from the yellow light given off by the sun and head to Earth to cause destruction. Therefore, Superman must battle against them to save the planet and all of its civilians, whilst also trying to outsmart arch-nemesis Lex Luthor. This game pretty much brings all of that to life, with stunning visuals and impressive gameplay on the whole. You’ll also hear the iconic piece of Superman soundtrack music playing in the background while you spin the reels. If you don’t have fun with this one, then we’re not sure that any online slot can satisfy you!