The Aztec civilization used to pray to the sun, the stars and the moon many centuries ago. In fact, the sun used to be known as Tonatiuh, and it was generally represented by a disk, which was decorated in Aztec fashion. Celebrated as part of the Aztec Calendar, it’s probably the best-known Aztec image. The face of the sun exists in the center of the calendar. The moon and the stars became a part of the focus for Aztec people as well, which is where this online slot game from Aristocrat gets its base theme from. Sun and Moon has a very Aztec design to it, featuring imagery that takes you back to the days of the ancient civilization. Aristocrat has used some nice graphics throughout the game, providing you with a truly appealing design and a visually appealing set of symbols. Not only that, but the Sun and Moon game also features an appropriate soundtrack for the overall theme. This isn’t something that the developer always gets right, but when it comes to this game, it’s totally on point. But what else does it provide to players?