Do you remember the retro arcade games of the 80s and 90s? Perhaps the Space Invaders title rings a bell for you? Well, it definitely did for us, and when we learned that an online slot game by Playtech had been created surrounding the slot, we were potentially way too thrilled to play it. Then again, Space Invaders was a totally addictive computer game way back when, especially for us. If you’re familiar with the title, then it’s quite likely that this video slot will also provide you with a bit of a nostalgic experience. Naturally, being a Playtech slot game, it gives you some of the best quality graphics to see, too. This just adds to the overall experience of spinning the game’s reels and witnessing it all come to life. It’s so retro, that it even provides you with a layout that incorporates the traditional arcade gaming machine box. So, you can imagine how impressed we were from the first moment that we loaded it up. Childhood days all coming back to us. So, let’s find out what else this Playtech offering is able to provide, shall we?