The Amazon is a huge rainforest, so it’s only natural that it will hold a vast amount of secrets. Those secrets could just come to life in this online slot game by Playtech. With this game, you’ll certainly believe that you’re in the middle of the rainforest, thanks to all the animal sounds that can be heard throughout. Playtech has also made sure to incorporate a selection of impressive graphics as well. So, you’ll get both visual and aural appeal whenever you play this slot.

How would you locate the secrets found within the Amazon though? Well, perhaps you could use some of the special features that the developer has chosen to include. We’ll get to those in a little while. For now though, we advise you to enjoy the imagery on display in Secrets of the Amazon. After all, not many of us will get the opportunity to actually visit the stunning natural rainforest. So, what better way to experience it than by playing a slot game centering on it? We can’t think of anything better, but let’s see what other perks the Secrets of the Amazon slot can bring forth.