Everybody remembers the iconic Rocky movies, right? Well, now slot players can enjoy a piece of the action with the slot game Rocky by software developer Playtech. First of all, let’s just point out that the developers have done a terrific job of transferring the atmosphere of the movies onto the reels. You see the Star-Spangled Banner constantly parading across the screen for that patriotic vibe. In addition, you have very realistic representations of some of the main characters of the movies. Not least noteworthy of them is, of course, Rocky’s notorious opponent from the Soviet Union – Ivan Drago, portrayed by Dolph Lundgren.

The quality of the visuals in this title is pretty great, occasionally even featuring actual scenes from the motion pictures. Yet despite that, there’s still a sense of minimalism in the design. And to top that off, there’s also no actual soundtrack here, either, unless you head over to the paytable. So, players will be making their bets to the sound of only the reels spinning.