The crystal-clear waters of the Nile river are shimmering in the moonlight and the country of Ancient Egypt is awaiting your presence. More specifically, the Queen of the Nile herself, otherwise known as Cleopatra, is waiting for you to arrive and make her acquaintance. Fortunately, you don’t have to go back in time to meet with the last ruler of this land. Instead, you can access this Aristocrat slot game instead, where you’ll get to experience everything that the country provided back then. In comparison to some other slots from this developer, Queen of the Nile doesn’t make use of such high-quality graphics. Not that they’re bad or anything, but they’re not quite as up-to-date as what you can find in many others from the provider. Even though this is the case though, the game will still give you the idea that you’re travelling through Ancient Egypt. This is marred somewhat by the fact that the developer has chosen to incorporate some odd sounds into the slot. Rather than really add to the overall theme of the game, this slot contains sounds that are akin to an old arcade game. However, let’s find out if it has a set of features to make up for this.