Why go to Las Vegas to gamble when Vegas can come to you instead? That’s right, – experience all the glam and pizzazz of the world’s gambling capital right in the comfort of your home. Software manufacturer Betsoft has made this possible with the bright and flashy online slot game Mr. Vegas.

Needless to say, Mr. Vegas is a character – a physical representation of all that is Vegas. And he even has his own theme song! Furthermore, Mr. Vegas plays a prominent role all throughout gameplay. But there are other striking characters on the reels, too, which we will introduce you to later on. The game boasts an amazing design, and, very typically for this provider, very high- quality graphics. The 3D visuals take you right to the tables and among all the action.

And speaking of tables, note the controls below the reels. They come in the shape of casino chips and stacks of money – all on a green table. And all of this comes accompanied with by a very chill soundtrack, which greatly helps enhance the whole casino vibe.