If you’ve never heard Ace of Spades by Motorhead, then we highly recommend that you search for it online right now. Better yet, you could head over to the Netent selection of games and visit the Motorhead slot game instead. This basically provides you with a fun and exciting look at the heavy metal band. Not only that, but it does so in high-quality graphics and thoroughly entertaining gameplay. Motorhead are one of the world’s best-known metal bands, so it’s only right that an online slot game should be created surrounding them. Of course, with the status that Netent has in the online gaming world, there couldn’t be any better developer to create one.

This slot game takes you to one of the band’s gigs and it seems like you’re front and center for the best spot in the arena. From there, you can see and hear everything as you need to. And what would a game about Motorhead be, if it didn’t have an appropriate soundtrack relating to the band? No need to worry about that, because Netent has made sure that you are able to set the music going yourself. Just click on the ‘Rock Mode’ button and Motorhead will be blaring through your ears like never before. Let’s see what else the developer has included in this game.