It’s not so clear what type of game More Hearts by Aristocrat is upon first hearing its title. In fact, it doesn’t ring true as being an online video slot in any kind of way. Yet, once you load it up, you’re sure to realize what it’s all about. That being said, the game does feature some imagery that doesn’t really relate to hearts. Yet, if you’re an avid video gamer, then you’ll know that picking up hearts in games will often mean that you gain extra life. While that’s not really the case with this Aristocrat slot, the hearts in the game do provide something a little bit special when in play. On the whole, it’s a decent game to play, and it utilizes some nice graphics at the same time. We’re not really sure if the soundtrack that the developer had chosen to use in the game fits so well, but then again, we’re also not really sure what kind of soundtrack would fit with such a theme. Overall, More Hearts presents a friendly and inviting enough game once you load it up. Plus, there are a couple of specialties to look out for in the game, too.