If you know anything about Ancient Greece, you’ll potentially know that a lot of mysterious creatures made up a part of its history. From the Minotaur that had a bull’s head and a man’s body, through to the Cyclops which was a giant with one eye, Ancient Greek mythology very much had its fair share of monsters. One of these creatures went by the name of Medusa, who comes to the forefront of this NextGen Gaming video slot. Usually, Medusa is described as one of the Gorgons, having wings and a scaly body, as well as living, venomous snakes instead of hair. Anyone gazing upon her face would be instantly turned to stone, and it is said that Medusa spent her whole life on the island known as Sarpedon, near to Cisthene. This online slot game takes you right into her cavernous home, obviously before she was be-headed by the hero Perseus. Being as though this is a NextGen Gaming slot offering, it features some very high-quality graphics from the developer. This all works very nicely to ensure that you have an entertaining time while playing Medusa. Let’s find out what other treats you’ll find within the reels of this slot!