You kind of have to wonder who was thinking about creating a slot game one day and decided that basing one around lobsters was the next best thing to come up with. Yet, for all intents and purposes, Lobstermania from IGT presents quite the appealing slot game. We have to admit that seafood isn’t particularly one of our favorite options to select from on a menu, but Lobstermania has nothing to do with food. Or, not really – unless cannibalism is the underlying theme of this slot! You see, the full title of the game is Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania. Larry is a lobster himself, although he appears to be one who operates vertically as a fisherman sailing the high seas. He’s on the hunt for his lobster friends – hopefully to capture them and bring them to a safer part of the sea. On the other hand, there is a symbol that depicts one being caught in a lobster snare, so it may be that lobster is on the menu for Larry after all! Fortunately, IGT plays this out in a fun and entertaining way, including some high-quality graphics in there and a bit of a funky soundtrack, too.