We’ve all seen the Jurassic Park films, haven’t we? They had the ability to provide us with a look at dinosaurs interacting with modern day people – at times, with tragic consequences, as could be expected. While the sequels did tend to go a little bit astray with certain casting and storyline choices, the original movie release was a big phenomenon around the world. That happened back in 1993, so it’s now considered to be quite the classic. However, you can relive much of the film by choosing to play the IGT slot that goes by the same name. Make way for the beasts of the past to come back to life once more, just make sure you don’t get too close to their sharp teeth in the process. What’s more, IGT provides this game with only the highest quality and best choice of graphics to see. So, not only will you get to play an entertaining game on the whole, but you’ll also have a visual treat when spinning its reels. With this being the case, you’ll never want to stop playing Jurassic Park!