Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a gothic novella that was first published back in 1886. Since that time, it has reached a status as one of the very best stories around. It tells the tale of a lawyer based in London, known as Gabriel John Utterson, who goes forth and investigates certain odd happenings between his friend, Dr Henry Jekyll and the evil Mr Edward Hyde. It turns out in the end that they are one and the same person, with the doctor existing as a very good man, but having the ability to transform into a shockingly evil character from time to time. Well, if you’re not familiar with the book, then perhaps you’ll get a kick out of playing this slot game from Playtech instead. It has all of the atmosphere that you would expect from a game based on a gothic novella, from the imagery through to the soundtrack. It will keep you on the edge of your seat while you’re playing it – just waiting for Mr Hyde to rear his evil face. Being a Playtech game, it makes us of some strong graphics, providing a strong visual appeal while you’re spinning its reels.