We all know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, right? Jack was a boy who lived with his widowed mother and they had very little money. So, Jack was sent to market one day to sell the family cow for some money. Instead, he changed it for some magic beans, which his mother – enraged at Jack for being so supposedly careless – threw out of the window. The next day, a huge beanstalk had grown, and Jack ascended it to the skies, where he found the castle of a huge giant. It was from there that he stole various items of great value, but the giant came chasing after him on his final attempt. Jack managed to escape down the beanstalk, but the giant fell afterwards, crashing to the floor and leaving the castle to Jack and his mother.

Well, now you get to experience that whole story in this Netent slot game entitled…Jack and the Beanstalk, of course. And let’s face it, what better way is there to experience such a compelling story? Netent makes sure to utilize some impressive graphics in this slot offering, and this is what brings it to life in an altogether unique way. Add the appealing soundtrack and you’ve got yourself a great fairytale game to play from this developer. Let’s see what other treasures it holds though.