If you thought it was scary at the theme park haunted house, then nothing can quite prepare you for the terrifying House of Fun from Betsoft. This one even has a back story behind it, which plays out in the opening video sequence for you. It tells the tale of Paul and Jane and their family dog, who are all heading out on a road trip together. Unfortunately, Paul’s car gets a puncture in one of its tires, and they need to stop and seek out help. An old man informs them to check for help at the House of Fun…but, they should also be wary of their time visiting it.

It seems as though Paul and Jane aren’t able to escape the terrifying house so instantly and instead must endure whatever it throws at them before they can find help. This plays out in the most splendid fashion, with the game featuring exceptional 3D graphics from Betsoft, that the developer has become synonymous with.

Paul and Jane will stand by the reels as you spin them, watching on in terror as things come to life and animate themselves right in front of their eyes. Plus, there’s a very theme park/carnival-sounding piece of music that plays while you’re gaming, adding to the overall effect. So, what else does this Betsoft slot provide?