The Green Lantern, in case you’re unaware, is a superhero from the DC Comics American comic books. In actuality, the character is portrayed by a number of people, fighting evil with the aid of rings which grant them a selection of exemplary powers. The first of these characters became known to comic book fans in 1940, going by the name of Alan Scott. Now, the Green Lantern has been adapted for television, video games, motion pictures and, of course, online slot games. This one in particular comes to our screens thanks to the impressive work of NextGen Gaming. Of course, being a slot game from this developer, it includes a great selection of high-quality graphics to see. These really bring the game to life on your screen, and when combined with the inclusive soundtrack, you’ll really feel like you’re a part of the DC Universe. So, how would you like to experience everything that this online slot game has to offer? Let’s find out exactly what the slot contains, shall we?