There’s a whole other world waiting to be explored underneath the blue oceans of this world. For most of us, it’s not a world that we’ll ever get to witness first-hand, which is why it’s always great when we get other ways of seeing such wonders. Great Blue from Playtech gives you the opportunity to dive down to the depths and view all of the underwater life while having an enjoyable time spinning the slot’s reels. This game is ready to provide you with the ultimate underwater adventure and it’s going to do it all in high-quality graphics and entertaining gameplay. Yes, you wouldn’t expect a game from Playtech to incorporate anything less than stellar imagery, and fortunately, Great Blue does exactly that. At the same time, the slot features a very thematically relevant soundtrack, giving you the impression that you really are swimming through the ocean waters at depth. The only question that remains now, is how many different animals will you get to see while down there?