You may be thinking that Grand Monarch must have to do with some king or queen of some real or fictional kingdom. Nope, not at all. This online slot game by software manufacturer IGT actually focuses on a beautiful butterfly. Sadly, the title is quite dated, so the graphics don’t enjoy the same vividness and vibrancy they may have if this were a more recent offering.

Nevertheless, the developers have created a very serene and peaceful atmosphere thanks to the lovely backing track and the floral imagery. What little you can see of the backdrop also helps set the zen mood. There are trees, shrubs, and more flowers visible in the distance. And if you head over to the paytable, a whole other world opens up right away. We should also point out that besides the graphics quality being noticeably dated, there are also no animated sequences or fancy visual attractions here. The setup is quite simplistic as well, but more on that further on in this review.