In true Betsoft fashion, the fruit in Fruit Zen look genuinely good enough to eat. The quality of these 3D graphics is simply otherworldly and will probably leave you drooling for some fresh berries or a piece of watermelon. And the calm ocean waters in the backdrop make for a very tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, hence the game’s title. There’s a gentle pinkish-purple sky that softly blends with the surface of the water and just extends far above it. All in all, it’s a lovely setting and a very pleasant change from all the loud noises and chaos that usually goes on in slot games.

By the way, there’s a very appropriate backing track to support that Zen vibe, too. In addition, upon closer inspection, you will also be sure to notice the Asian touch to the design in the finer details. However, let’s move on to the game’s setup and see how serene things are below the surface.