When you first hear about an online slot game that features the word ‘fruit’ in its title, it’s quite common to feel like it will be just another one of ‘those’ types of games. You know, the ones that relate back to the classic slots of days gone by. You can almost expect to see three reels and basic graphics. Of course, when it comes to Netent, nothing can be considered so straight forward. The developer is known for its innovative style and that clearly shines through in the Fruit Spin slot offering. Yes, it does bring in those classic symbols, but they’re designed in such a modern way that they very much stand out. It’s sort of like a modern-day version of a classic offering, and we all know that Netent is perfect at that kind of slot. Naturally, the game utilizes strong graphics and thoroughly entertaining gameplay, as can only be expected from this developer. There’s also a very captivating soundtrack that plays while you spin the reels, so everything really ties together in this game from the moment you load it up. Let’s find out more about what it contains though.