When you hear the title of ‘Fields of Fortune’, it sort of invokes imagery of golden corn fields hiding vast treasures within. Well, this slot game from Playtech isn’t really anything to do with that theory. Instead, it takes you to fields where growing flowers is the order of the day. Therefore, you’ll see lots of green grass, perfectly growing trees and blue skies on display throughout.

Now, this may seem like a simple sort of theme and quite basic on the whole. Yet, there’s much more to Fields of Fortune than first meets the eye. It makes up part of a group of Playtech’s slot games that include the possibility for placing a ‘Feature Bet’. This adds a little something extra to the slot. It’s also one of the Playtech games that includes stellar graphics from the developer, taking you right into the scene on display. You’ll almost feel like one of the farmers going out to water their fields while accessing this slot offering. So, let’s see what else this Playtech slot provides. As we said, there’s much more included than what it first seems.