This software manufacturer is particularly well known for taking popular movies and shows and making high-quality slot games out of them. Thus, the developers there have also laid their hands on none other than the famous animated sitcom Family Guy. In this slot of the same name, you will get to see all your most (and least) favorite characters in their natural habitat.

And as you play, be sure to look up just above the reels every so often. You will see some funny and/or typical quotes of the main characters. Some of them you might even recognize, and they will bring you right back to a certain episode or scene for some extra laughs. As far as the graphics here go, you might as well be watching the actual show.

So, the visuals are great, and there’s even the occasional animated sequence happening on the reels. In addition, you have the familiar theme song playing as the game’s backing track. And what better way to set the right mood than to play the appropriate music, right? But as it is with any game, this one is so much more than its appearance.