There’s a story written by Bram Stoker, which has the title of Dracula. This slot game from Netent may not specifically follow the plotline of the book, but it does feature the fearsome titular character in one of his many forms. In fact, while you’re spinning the reels, he will sit to the left-hand side of them, watching your every move. Does that make you feel a great deal of comfort? If you want to evade his deadly bite, you’d probably better rack up the wins as fast as possible. Dracula is searching for his long-lost love, so if you unite them once again, perhaps he will also reward you handsomely.

This slot game features some of Netent’s very best work in terms of both graphics and overall gameplay. It’s all very spooky as well, thanks to the strength of its imagery and the inbuilt soundtrack. And let’s be honest, if you’ve got Dracula sitting there watching your gaming session, you’re always going to be on the edge of your seat. It’s almost like you’re waiting for him to leap up from his seat and come forth with an attack. Let’s find out about the slot’s features quickly, and perhaps we’ll be able to quell his vicious temperament.