We have all at one point or another, in some shape or form, heard of the captivating tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The famous gothic novella by Robert Louis Stevenson has inspired many other works of fiction. So it was high time the world of online gaming was graced by its presence, as well.

And who better to create an equally captivating and exciting offer to match the theme than software developer Betsoft? We know this manufacturer to always delivers wonderful 3D, high-definition graphics with a fantastic gaming experience. And the slot game Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde certainly lives up to those expectations.

This title brings you to the study of the experimenting Dr. Jekyll and shows him standing beside the reels. Occasionally, you will see him walk around or comment on your spin. There’s a nice soundtrack there to compliment the slightly eerie atmosphere, too. But read on to find out what really makes this slot.