Hot sands. Bright sun. Treasures awaiting to be found. No, we’re not talking about a day at the beach. We’re talking about going searching in the hot sands of the desert for some treasure. That’s precisely what you’ll get when playing this online slot game from Playtech. This isn’t just any desert land, but what appears to be the desert of Egypt. We say this as there’s two pyramids clearly on display in the background. And what better location than this to begin a search for buried treasure? After all, a huge plethora of hidden treasures have been found within the country, dating back to the days of Ancient Egypt. So, if you’re not afraid of walking through the desert’s sands, then this one could definitely be the slot for you to try. Of course, it features some of the typically high-quality graphics that Playtech always provides in its games. Therefore, you’ll have a visually enticing time while spinning the slot’s reels, as well as awaiting the arrival of any special feature rounds. Overall, from a first impression point of view, Desert Treasure provides a very attractive slot offering.