Ever wondered what it could be like to rob a bank? Just knowing that there’s all that money there waiting for you to take from the vault in the back. It’s definitely one of the more tempting things about going to the bank. Yet, being good, upstanding citizens, most of us don’t act on such impulses. There are those bad seeds in every town that do though, and this slot game from Playtech aims to put their chances of succeeding in their crimes to the test against the cops. In the lightest and most fun possible way, of course.

Naturally, being a slot game from Playtech, the Cops n’ Bandits game features some of the best graphics around, meaning that you get to watch as visually appealing symbols spin by while you’re playing. There’s also a nice set of sounds that can be heard while you’re spinning the reels, bringing the game to life on a bit of a higher level, too. All in all, this slot aims to bring fun and enjoyment to your computer screen, and for us, it succeeds in doing just that.