Ready to win a Cool Buck or two? This Microgaming slot is able to provide you with all of the necessary possibilities to do so. It may be one of the developer’s classic slot games, but it’s sure to bring enough charm to your screen to entice you to play it. Buck is the game’s mascot and, of course, he’s designed as a rolled-up dollar bill. He’s the cool dude that you need to watch out for, because he’s ready, willing and able to boost the balance of your winnings. He’s clearly on display underneath the reels of this slot, and because it’s not one of the newer offerings from Microgaming, it incorporates a very arcade-sounding soundtrack. This can be heard when you start spinning the reels and really brings home that retro, classic slot feel. Graphically speaking, the game isn’t of the utmost high quality in this area, although the images aren’t anything to scoff at. Microgaming still offers up an appealing title for you to enjoy with this one. So, let’s find out what else Cool Buck is able to provide to its players.