The sounds of the night can be heard as you creep around the Arabian encampment. Owls hooting in the distance, crickets chirping on the ground and other assorted insects adding to the soundtrack. Your task is to sneak into the camp and escape with as many jewels and assorted treasures as possible. Are you up to the task? Well, now you can experience it in the Arabian Nights slot game from Netent. This offering from the developer proves that even years ago, Netent was creating games with such high-quality graphics and entertaining gameplay. There’s a reason why it’s one of the online casino world’s best providers, and a lot of that has to do with what you can see on display in Arabian Nights. The graphics are of the highest quality and the gameplay will provide you with an exciting journey as you go on. Not only that, but the soundtrack that the slot contains, from the noises playing while the reels are still, through to the little trumpets of joy when a winning combination forms in the game. All in all, everything combines together to make an exceptionally inviting slot to play with this one.