If you’re unaware, Ace Ventura is a fictional character that was thought up by screenwriter Jack Bernstein. The character was written into a couple of movies, featuring Jim Carrey in the titular role. It is this movie that has also spawned several other media-related items, including an animated television series. It is also the reason behind Playtech releasing a slot game featuring the same title. The Carrey version appears in the slot, with madness and fun going off here, there and everywhere while you play. Then again, if you’ve seen the movies, you’ll know why this is.

Fortunately, with it being a Playtech slot, it contains some high-quality graphics and gameplay that can only be described as highly entertaining on the whole. And if you haven’t seen the cinematic releases before, playing this slot game will no doubt make you want to do so. To coincide with the game’s zany imagery and completely crazy gameplay, Playtech has also chosen to include a soundtrack that befits such a setup. So, let’s check out its other inbuilt features.