Player number one, come on down! Are you ready to play the game show known as the $100,000 Pyramid? Then this slot game from IGT is all that you need. It automatically provides you with that game show feeling when you load it up – complete with cheesy (and sometimes frustrating) soundtrack. Have you ever been at in front of your television, flicking through the channels and you come across a game show before thinking something like, “I bet I could do that?”

Well, this game provides you with your opportunity to show your prowess in the field. Judging from the symbols that appear on the game’s reels, you’ve got the chance to win some amazing prizes, too. It’s a truly entertaining game from start to finish, made all the better by the appealing graphics that IGT includes on its reels. Yes, the $100,000 Pyramid is here to try and make all of your dreams come true. The question is, are you ready to play it?