Sports Gambling at

Sports betting at TopBet focuses mostly on sports that are popular in the United States and North America.

FootballAmerican Football

These get the most attention when it comes to betting. TopBet also follows boxing and MMA, although not to the same extent as other sports. Boxing and MMA betting is mostly limited to major matchups and pay-per-view events.

Non-US sports are covered, although not to any great extent. Rugby and cricket wagers are mostly limited to futures for big championship titles. You won’t often find individual rugby or cricket matchups often though. This is clearly a US-oriented betting site.

As long as you can live with the US focus at TopBet, you’ll be happy with everything else. The betting options are updated daily and include every pro matchup and most major NCAA matchups.

For every game, you’ll find:

  • Moneyline wagers
  • Point spreads
  • Totals
  • Props
  • Short-term wagers on halves and quarters

One thing I like about TopBet is that they organize the betting in a way that’s intuitive. All you have to do is click on the sport you want and then the menu expands to show every league within that sport. For example, you can click on “football” and then a dropdown list will let you choose from the NFL, CFL, NCAA and sections for futures within each league. Then, you can click on any individual matchup for all the wagers on that game.

The betting area also has tabs that you can use to switch between regular wagers, first half wagers, second half bets and quarters. As you choose your bets, a betting slip is updated on the side of the screen. That slip shows exactly how much you are risking and how much you stand to win. You can also use the betting slip to buy points, give points and set up parlays.

Mobile Betting has a nifty mobile website that works with all modern smartphones and tablets. After you have an account with TopBet, you can visit the URL on your browser to log in and place real money bets.

The mobile website lets you place all the standard types of wagers, manage parlays, see live scores and even stop to play blackjack or video poker in between games. Overall, I was impressed with their mobile interface. Some sports betting sites seem to have a hard time displaying all that information on a small screen, but TopBet gets it right.

Casino Games

The casino at TopBet is pretty good by sportsbook standards, but it’s not quite a full-fledged gambling site that would stand on its own. There are other casino sites you can visit if your primary focus is playing casino games. That doesn’t mean the casino here is weak by any means.

Inside the casino, you’ll find 12 table games, about 20 slot machines, 4 video poker variations and about a dozen “specialty” games that include the likes of virtual horse racing and pachinko.

The table games include all the standard casino classics such as:

Pai Gow PokerPai Gow Poker


One thing that does stand out is a unique variety of slot machines. I haven’t seen these exact slot games at any other gambling site. The graphics are slick and the themes are unique.

Here’s a screenshot from one:

TopBet Game Screenshot

Overall, it’s a pretty good little casino. If you ever need to take a break from sports, you’ll find plenty to do in the casino.

Promotions gives all new players a 100% signup bonus for up to $1,000 extra. If you make a $1,000 deposit, for example, you’ll get an extra $1,000 to go with it. The clearing requirements are set at 5x in the sportsbook or 25x in the casino. These are standard rollover requirements and they shouldn’t take too long to meet.

Additionally, you get an extra 10% bonus on all subsequent deposits. These reload bonuses are good for up to $100 extra and they come with a 3x rollover in the sportsbook or a 20x rollover in the casino. This one is a little easier to clear and should come as a nice little perk whenever you need to reload.

Those are the standard bonuses that are offered year-round at TopBet. You’ll also get other random promos that change every few weeks. Sometimes you might get random 25% reload bonuses and other times you’ll get perks for betting on certain sports. It changes all the time, but there’s usually something worth getting.

Deposits and Withdrawals

As a US-focused gambling site, keeps its list of deposit and withdrawal methods fairly short. At the time of this writing, TopBet was accepting deposits via:

Western Union

The deposits are all processed that same day and can be used to bet as soon as they hit your account.

Most withdrawals are processed via paper checks that are sent straight to your front door. Processing times vary from a week to two weeks, which is pretty impressive for an online sportsbook in the United States.

A few months ago, sent out a batch of bad checks that bounced when players tried to deposit them. The good news is that according to most reports, TopBet issued new checks immediately without any further problems. This is going to happen sometimes in the online betting industry as payment processors come and go. I wouldn’t hold it against TopBet unless it becomes a recurring problem.

Customer Support

I haven’t even had to contact customer support at TopBet, but according to everything I’ve read, they have a competent support team. You can call them 24 hours a day and someone will answer and help you with whatever you need. TopBet can also be reached via e-mail for less-urgent questions.