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Sports Betting at Bet365

The sports betting options at Bet365 bookmaker run the full gamut of international games. Everything from football to darts is covered to great detail. Within each sport, there are numerous leagues and competitions that you can choose from to place your wagers.

If you visit the website and look around, you’ll see just how thorough the sports coverage at Bet365 really is. One of the advantages of playing at such a large bookmaker is that they have the resources to cover even the most niche sports. It also gives them to ability to undercut their competitors on the odds of many matchups.

There is also an entirely separate area for in-play betting. This area allows you to place short-term wagers while games are broadcast live. For example, you might be watching a football match on TV and decide to place a quick bet on who will score the next goal. As soon as that goal is scored, your bet is settled and you are paid.

In-play betting also gives you the ability to place outright wagers after a match has already started. Let’s say you place a bet on Team A before the match begins. Later, you see Team A getting off to a bad start. You can then access the in-play betting area to place a bet on Team B with updated odds.

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Financial Betting

One of the most recent additions to Bet365 is an area dedicated to fixed odds financial betting. This is an interface that allows you to place basic bets on how certain markets and currencies will fare over 5 minute, 1 hour and daily intervals. You do not actually take ownership of any instruments; you simply place wagers on how well they will perform.

You can place bets on the finish level, range, touch or no touch, highest value, lowest value and even if the market or currency will stay within a range during the interval (5 minutes, an hour or a day). In addition to markets, Bet365 financials also allow you to bet on major currency pairs such as the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/JPY and so on.

Overall, this is a fairly simple financial betting platform. There are more advanced financial spread betting sites out there, but this one should suffice for casual financial betting. As a customer, you’ll get access to real-time charts and other information to help you make decisions with up-to-date information.

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Bet365 Casino deserves credit for a strong casino offering. With more than 200 downloadable games plus a number of live dealer games, the casino has something for everyone. The game variety includes a full range of slot machines, table games, card games, video poker and arcade-style gambling games such as Paper Rock Scissors.

Many of these games can be played instantly with no download necessary at the Bet365 website. However, you’ll need to download the software to get access to the full range of games. You can play on your computer, iPad, iPhone and any device with Android 4 or higher.

Many of the games have jackpots worth six or seven figures. That’s what you get when you play at a big name gambling site.

The live dealer casino also deserves a mention. If you visit this area, you’ll get to play games such as blackjack and baccarat with real human dealers. You place your bets with your mouse and then the dealer handles all the rest in real time.

There are very few gambling sites that can match the level of sophistication that the Bet365 Casino has achieved.

Thumbs Up

If casino games were the only thing Bet365 had to offer, it would still be a successful gambling site. They definitely got this part right.

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Bet365 Poker

The Bet365 poker room is home to thousands of poker players. During peak hours, you’re likely to see upwards of 40,000 players logged in and seated at tables. The game types here include tournaments, cash games and a number of poker variants. Stakes here range from $0.10/$0.20 to $30/$60.

The poker software gets mixed reviews, but I personally love it. The biggest issue people have with the software is that it is too simple or old-fashioned. The reason I love it is because the software has a clean look that makes it easy to see what’s going on (which is nice when multi-tabling).

iPad and Mobile Device

The poker client is also available in iPhone and iPad-friendly formats.

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Other Games

The Bet365 website has an area dedicated to other games that you’ll find under the aptly-named “Games” tab. If you click on that, you’ll go to a portion of the website that lists its other arcade-style and TV inspired games. These other games take on all different formats and add depth to an already outstanding lineup of gambling options.

Some of these other games take the form of virtual sports. The basic idea with these is that the computer runs simulated sports games that compress an entire season into just a few minutes. You can play a single game of football or bet on an entire season without actually having to wait for real games to take place in the real world.

The house has an inherent advantage in virtual sports, so my advice is to treat them the same way you would other casino games. It’s fun to play and you might win money but there are no guarantees. The other games section also has a whole list of arcade games such as Jenga, darts, shoot-n-score (basketball), battleships, hangman and others. Each game has its own style and rule set, but the basic idea is to beat the computer and win money.

You’ll also find games inspired by popular television shows such as the X Factor, Deal or No Deal, the Millionaire, Family Fortune and more. And last but not least, they have a whole area dedicated to instant win scratch card-style games.

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Bet365 bingo is one of the largest bingo sites in the UK. It has a healthy player base, lots of promotions and offers a variety of games in the 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball formats.

Games start out at just 2p and jackpots range from £5 to more than £10,000. Every Sunday, they have a £10,000 guaranteed tournament, but games at all levels run all week long. You’ll also find regular promotions with games that have special prizes. In some cases, these prizes reach as high as £30,000.

In addition to bingo, the chat moderators (CMs) host chat games that you can play in during regular bingo games. These games often take the form of trivia in which the CM asks a question and the first player to respond with the correct answer wins free bets. These chat games serve to not only give you additional chances to win, but they keep the players active and chatting to help create a real community.

Thumbs Up

It is no accident that Bet365 bingo is one of the most popular bingo sites on the internet. They provide all the most important bingo games and keep players happy. You’ll never have to worry about empty games or low payouts here. This bingo site is thriving right now.

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Bet365 Deposits and Withdrawals

As a licensed and regulated betting site, Bet365 is able to offer a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods. Getting your money off the site is also a simple process.

One of the reasons Bet365 has grown to the size it is today is because people trust it. Slow and delayed withdrawals have never been an issue here. If you win money, you will get paid with no questions asked. I hope I don’t sound like a shill here, but if you do a little research online, you’ll see that pretty much everyone feels the same way. Bet365 is simply a professional and well-run organization.