Free Casino Games

Free casino games are of course those that you can play without risking any of your own money. The availability of free games is one of the best things about online casinos. When was the last time you found a land based casino where you could go in day after day and play any of their slot machines or other games for free?

You may be able to find a casino that offers free craps or poker lessons, but even these are on a limited basis. Land based casinos have to have real money gamblers because they have a limited amount of floor space and high overheads.

Online casinos have overhead but their playing space is almost unlimited so it doesn’t hurt them to let you play for free. Plus they understand that the more free players they have the more of them that will convert to real money play in the future.

Of course online casinos are not the only place where you can play free casino games online, but they are the only place that you should play.

I don’t have anything against the generic casino games you can find for free on the Internet and in all of the app stores and the iTunes store, etc. The issue I have with them is they don’t have near as much at stake as the online casinos so they tend to offer an inferior product. The online casinos and the software companies behind the games they offer only make money when players make real money deposits and gamble.

The way to get as many people to play for real money as possible is to put the time and effort into producing the best online gaming experience possible. And you can play these exact same games for free any time you want. All you need to do is sign up for a free account most places and you are good to go.

There are even some online casinos where you can play for free without even signing up. Why would you play anywhere else when you can play the best games available?

In addition, if and when you do decide to try your hand at the latest progressive slot machine or want to win a few dollars playing real blackjack, you will already know how the software works and more than likely get a big fat bonus for trying your luck for real money.

Top Free Casino Games

The top free casino games are pretty much also the top games played for real money. The only exceptions are some of the progressive slot machine games. While you can usually still play them for free, there seems to be something missing when there is this huge jackpot and I have no chance to win it. Here are the most popular games you can play at online casinos.


Blackjack is a great game to play online because you can get many more hands per hour in than you can in live play. Playing free games online is also a great way to practice your blackjack strategy. Depending on the rules of the particular blackjack game, you can reduce the house edge to somewhere around a half percent by playing perfect strategy.

It really doesn’t take that long to learn the best strategy and if you are going to be playing online for free anyway you might as well practice while you play.

Slot Machines

There are literally hundreds of different slot machine games available online. The biggest casino software platforms have well over 100 each and there are plenty of different software options. You can find machines based on old fashioned three reel machines, five reel machines, video slots options and just about any other type of slot machine you can think of.

There are machines with graphics from movies, bonus rounds, special features, feature guarantees and tons of other great reasons to play. The graphics, sounds and game play are quite impressive, especially if you have never played online or if you haven’t played online for a few years or more.


Often there are only a few options when playing roulette at a land based casino and it can be difficult to find single zero wheels. This is rarely an issue when you play online. Most online casinos have American and European roulette wheels and some even have French wheels.

When you are playing roulette for free it doesn’t make as much difference if you are playing on a single or double zero wheel, but when you play for real money you should only play on single zero wheels. It cuts the house advantage in half.


Craps is one of those games that I have always enjoyed playing more in a live casino than online, but when I don’t have the chance to play live or if I want to play for free then my only option is free online play. All of the same bets are available with the only difference being the software takes care of rolling the dice instead of the players. It can be difficult to place your bets in the correct place to take the odds wagers, but you will get used to it as you play.

Video Poker

There are many different video poker machines and each machine can offer different pay tables at different places. The best thing about free video poker games is they can be of great help when you are trying to learn how to play the correct strategy for the game. Every video poker machine has a correct strategy and you can buy strategy cards and books that explain what this strategy is.

The problem is that most correct strategies for video poker machines are difficult to learn perfectly. When I started learning how to play jacks or better I printed out a strategy card and started playing for free online. Every time I had a question about the best play I would check my strategy chart. The more I played the less I needed the help. Eventually I had the strategy down pat. You can do this easily from the comfort of your home.


While I have played baccarat many times, it is not one of my favorite games. There really isn’t any strategy so it feels like flipping a coin. When I play free casino games I usually want to at least be forced to think occasionally. But every once in a while I just want to play a few games and not think, and when that happens is when I log on and play a little baccarat or slots. The only decision to be made is whether to bet on a tie, the banker or the player. Then you let the software take care of the rest.


Keno is a fun game to play, but the house edge is usually so large that the only way I can ever recommend playing is for free. When you play keno you pick a certain amount of numbers, usually from a pool of numbers from 1 to 80, and then 20 numbers are drawn at random from those 80. If enough of the numbers you picked were drawn you win an amount based on how many numbers you picked and how many were drawn. You can even have the software pick your numbers for you so all you have to do is hit the play button.

Other Free Games

There are a wide range of table games available depending on where you sign up to play. These include Pai Gow poker, Three Card poker, Let it Ride poker, Caribbean Stud poker, Red Dog, Casino War and bingo.

How to Play Free Casino Games

Getting set up to play free casino games is easy. Just find the place you want to play by picking one of the online casinos listed on this site, click the link to be taken right to the home page of the casino and sign up for a new account. You can sign up for free. Then either download the casino software or play the instant play version if they offer one and start playing your favorite games. Many now even offer the chance to play on your iPhone, iPad or Android powered tablet or phone so you can play on the go.

Where to Play Free Casino Games

There are hundreds of places to enjoy free casino games online. As I mentioned above you should play at an online casino that offers real money play to take advantage of the graphics, sounds, game design and overall quality. A good place to start is to pick any of the casinos listed on this web site. They all have free play and it is easy to get started. After you have checked out all of the games you like on the first casino you pick, I suggest finding one with a different software platform. Each software provider offers different games. While they all have popular games like craps, roulette and blackjack, many of the slot machines are different and some of the table games may be different. So if you start playing at a Real Time Gaming (RTG) casino, make your next pick a casino that uses software from Rival, Microgaming, Playtech or BetSoft.


Signing up for an online casino and playing some great casino games offers many benefits beyond finding a fun way to pass the time and find some entertainment. You can practice your strategy and find new games to play. So what are you waiting for? Pick a casino and sign up now. You can be playing in just a few minutes.