Betsoft Slots

If you want to find the creative minds behind Betsoft slots, you don’t need to look any further than Soho, the multicultural area of London’s West End that was once known as a focal point for the sex trade. While a lot of the adult businesses have disappeared over the years, it still remains a haven for nightclubs, the entertainment industry, and funky record shops.

Betsoft first appeared in Soho in 1999, a fledgling company looking to make their mark in online gaming. They did so by focusing on vibrant graphics that were a far cry from the static images that most casino patrons were used to, and it wasn’t long before they were winning awards and climbing the hierarchy of the gambling world.

Their portfolio of online games has grown to include over 150 titles, from classics such as blackjack and roulette to their signature 3D slots. Company stock became available to the public in 2010, and in 2011 they received certification from the gaming commission of Alderney.

2012 was an important year for Betsoft, as they both entered the U.S. gaming market and also introduced their ToGo line of games for mobile customers. A number of their popular slot machine titles were now available for iOS and Android platforms, and additional creations were created exclusively for this market.

Since 2012, Betsoft has managed to hold onto their customer base while continuing to expand. Their 3D line of slots has proven as popular as ever, and fans eagerly await the next innovative release. If you’re tired of traditional reels featuring lackluster graphics and inferior sound, this company should seem like a breath of fresh air.

Slots from Betsoft

When it comes to three-dimensional slots, there are few designers who can hope to rival the products released by Betsoft. While the following list isn’t complete, it’s my hope that it will give you a working knowledge of the diverse options offered by this company.

Good Girl Bad Girl – Most men are torn between pure-hearted women and those with a wild streak, and this game depicts their dilemma in an entertaining fashion. Prior to each spin, you’ll be able to select between “good” or “bad.” The good option makes 15 paylines available and pays left to right, while the bad option also provides 15 paylines but pays right to left. If you want to hedge your bets, you can also choose both options and have access to all 30 paylines. There’s a bonus wheel that’s either located in Heaven or Hell depending on your pre-spin choice, and icons include angelic halos and demonic pitchforks. This is a fun, sassy game that’s suitable for players of both genders, although each should find different reasons to enjoy it.

A Night in Paris – The city of Paris, France is known to be home to numerous works of art, and the daring thief known as Jacques intends to steal them all in this 5-reel, 30-payline slot. Of course, the forces of law and order have no intention of sitting idly by, which is where security guard Jerome LaBaste and his dog Pierre come in (this duo also keeps watch from the bottom of reels and cheers the player on). Watch the trio match wits during the dead of the night, all while being treated to breathtaking views of Paris. There are three exciting bonus levels to unlock, and they include the “Instant Prize Bonus,” “Chase Free Spins,” and “Caught in the Museum.”

The True Sheriff – The Old West was a dangerous time filled with bandits, disease, and armed Indians who weren’t happy about being driven off their land. But there was also a lot of money to be made for those with the persistence and the courage, and that theme carries over into this innovative 3D slot. Symbols representing smoking pistols and chesty saloon girls are designed to get you in the spirit of the frontier, and you may duck for cover when the gun symbol turns up exclusively on the middle reel and gets fired upon by the animated cowboy. Up to 15 free spins can be earned by hitting the correct combination of symbols, and what would any Old West slot machine be without a tension-filled showdown at high noon?

Gladiator – Step into the arena with this game inspired by the hit movie starring Russell Crowe. The player takes on the role of a determined gladiator who’s fighting for his very life against fellow warriors and all manner of other dangers. The 30-payline design offers dozens of ways to win, and you can instantly receive 500 credits thanks to the Click Me feature. The on-reel bonuses allow for instant prizes, and the bonus round should satisfy your love for nail-biting action, bloodshed, and cash payouts.

After Night Falls – Set in the darkened streets of Paris, this slot tells the story of a French detective who’s hot on the trail of a burglar. A random multiplier can increase your winnings by a factor of 10, and matching up scatter icons results in free spins coming your way. Most players should find themselves identifying with the intrepid police officer, although there’s one bonus game where you’ll take on the role of the thief. In this one, you’ll be asked to select a building to break into, and whatever loot is located inside will be added to your total.

Rock Star – If you’ve ever tried your hand at Guitar Hero and managed to finish “Dust in the Wind” without getting booed off stage, this slot might be to your liking. This game follows the rise of a rock band as they climb the charts and deal with groupies, the rigors of touring, and various other challenges. You’ll be treated to plenty of music that parodies the hard rock movement of the late 1980s, and the lead guitarist looks suspiciously like Slash from Guns ‘N Roses. One of the bonus rounds also features gameplay that’s similar to the aforementioned Guitar Hero, so fans of video games should feel right at home.

The Slotfather – This 5-reel, 30-payline slot puts the player in the role of an Italian crime family trying to stay one step ahead of the authorities. If free games cause your heart to beat faster, keep an eye out for the chance to win 20 extra spins and have your money multiplied by anywhere from 1x to 20x. When the game isn’t spinning a tale that’s as epic as the Godfather movies, it also provides a thrilling bonus round where the player chooses from local businesses and receives the money hidden within each.

Ned and His Friends – Ned is a pretty average guy. Every day he goes to his average job, and every night he returns to his average apartment. But it turns out that Ned also has a secret. No, he’s not a serial killer. He shares his living space with a group of adorable rats who love to sing and dance (named Charles, Denny, Franklin, Mack, and Sweet Pea). Unfortunately, Ned can’t get anyone to believe his claims, and a series of circumstances prevent anyone else from ever witnessing the talents of the rodents. This is a light-hearted slot filled with cute characters and lots of humor. My favorite bonus round requires the player to select a soloist from among the rats, but you have to be careful that their singing doesn’t rouse the attractive Kate from her slumber.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde – Based on the 1886 novella from Robert Louis Stevenson, this complex game examines the nature of good and evil within each person. The subject matter is a bit heavier than what you’ll find in most slots, but its animated sequences and big jackpot should pique the interest of even the most illiterate player. The gameplay is equally complex, with multiple bonus rounds and the ability to mix various potions to achieve different results and payouts. If you’re tired of slots that offer nothing more than lemon and cherry symbols, I urge you to give this game a try.

Slots Angels – Most people have heard of the outlaw biker club known as the Hell’s Angels, but what about the Slot’s Angels? This gang of heartbreakers and life takers travel the highways of America in search of excitement and money. Now you can join in their journey thanks to this unique slot that featured big-breasted biker mamas, choppers, and pool tables (but, oddly enough, no jail cells or crystal meth). The most exciting bonus round revolves around a motorcycle race, and you have a chance to pick the winner and pick up cash rewards as he tears down the trail.

Whospunit? – This interactive murder mystery is perfect for anyone who grew up playing the board game Clue. There’s been a murder at prestigious Wellington Manor, and the killer may very well get away with the bloody deed if you can’t solve the mystery in time. As the game progresses through various levels, you’ll gather information in search of the murder weapon, the exact place of death, and the identity of the cold-blooded murderer. The suspects are a predictably colorful lot, and during the second screen bonus game you’ll have an opportunity to put all your information together and point your finger at the guilty party. If your deduction skills are good enough, you’ll receive a sizable reward for bringing the culprit to justice.

Pinocchio – The wooden boy who wants to become a real person was created in the late 19th century by Italian writer Carlo Collodi. It wasn’t until 1940, however, that Pinocchio became a global sensation thanks to his starring role in the Disney movie of the same name. Now Betsoft has taken the character to the next level thanks to their 5-reel, 15-payline slot that starts in Geppetto’s workshop and eventually branches out to several other fantastical worlds. Scatter symbols are present throughout the game, but the change as the player traverses the different landscapes. If you’re a fan of respins and multipliers, keep an eye out for the Fairy Godmother icon.

At the Copa – If spicy salsa music is to your liking, then head on down to the Copa nightclub and watch a steamy love triangle play out. The player is asked to take on the role of either Rico or Pedro, a pair of Latin heartthrobs who are both obsessed with winning the affections of the beautiful Carolina and dancing by her side. Barry Manilow doesn’t make an appearance, but you will be treated to colorful icons that feature high heels, bongo drums, jalapeno peppers, and flamingos.

Customer Comments

In this section, I’ve put together a collection of quotes from across the Internet about the quality of Betsoft and their slots. These are just the opinions of random folks, however, so I suggest trying the games yourself before making a final judgment.

  • “They have an addictive way about them and are appealing to the eye.”
  • “I find the money goes very quick on these slots and payouts are not good.”
  • “The slots are fun, but you don’t get the same return as you do on almost any other software.”
  • “Just a bit too much for the eyes with lookalike symbols that are hard to follow when you’re spinning.”
  • “The best-looking slots that I’ve ever encountered at an online casino.”
  • “The 3D slots don’t seem to pay too well, but they do give fairly frequent and interesting bonus rounds.”
  • “The RTPs are higher than you may think.”
  • “You need a proper machine to make all the pictures and movies and stuff operate at a decent speed.”
  • “You can spin for ages on a relatively small deposit.”
  • “There are several Betsoft casinos that accept U.S. customers, but withdrawals are expensive.”

As you may have noticed, Betsoft slots are on the cutting edge of the online casino industry. Their 3D graphics and rich audio have positioned them as one of the best in the business, and their software is used by some of the Internet’s leading casinos. Several new games are released each year, and their eclectic selection of themes ensures that clients of all genders, races, and lifestyles can find something to tickle their fancy.