Best US Bingo Gambling Sites

Finding a reliable bingo site in the US can be quite a chore. There are not as many bingo sites as there are other types of gambling sites, so the selection isn’t the greatest. Finding a site that is safe, reliable and processes withdrawals quickly is not the easiest thing in the world.

Fortunately, there are a few sites that fit the bill. We are picky when recommending bingo sites because there are just enough shady operations out there that a dose of caution is recommended. The sites that are recommended below are the safest and most reliable places for players in the United Sates.

  1. USA Bingo
  2. Bingo Hall

Bingo Gambling in the United States

US Congress passed a piece of legislation called the UIGEA in 2006. The basic idea behind this legislation was to make it illegal for financial institutions to process transactions to and from gambling sites – including online bingo sites. We would like to make clear that the UIGEA did not outlaw the simple act of gambling online; the UIGEA targeted the banking industry, not players.

Many gambling and bingo sites found it to be too much trouble to continue doing business in the US and simply left the market. A few other sites saw opportunity in pursuing the US market and decided to stick it out. So what we have left are the few hardy online bingo rooms who make do and offer their games to American citizens.

We always advise caution when gambling online because the players are being asked to trust their money to sites that they can’t see or touch. The only way to ensure safety is to watch how bingo sites treat their players over the long term. The sites above have been in business for years and have consistently paid out their players and offered fair games.

One of the biggest things we look for in US bingo sites is how they process withdrawals. It is considered a “must have” feature that they honor cashouts within a reasonable amount of time. We also make sure there are not any tricky terms and conditions that make it difficult to cash out. It’s your money and you should be able to withdraw it whenever you want.

What It’s Like to Play Bingo Online

If you ever played bingo in school or at a local club with your friends, you are already equipped to play online. The very basics of the game are the same online and in person. The only real difference is that when you play online, you’re not actually sitting across from other players.

When you play online, you get cards just like you do in person. These cards come with a random arrangement of numbers beneath each letter. The bingo site then picks numbers at random. You can either mark those numbers yourself or use the “auto-daub” feature to have your numbers marked automatically.

The first person to complete a line wins the game. Many bingo games include multiple patterns in addition to the line. This way, you can have multiple winners in a single game. The prizes for winning vary based on how much each card costs and the number of players in each game.

Most bingo sites also have chat games that you can play while you participate in a round of bingo. These chat games take place down in the chat window where everyone talks. The chat moderator (CM) may ask trivia questions, for example, and give out small prizes to the players who respond first with the correct answer.

One of the advantages you get playing bingo online is that you can play multiple cards at a time with ease. If you want to buy 10 cards for a single game, you’re free to do so. Just turn on the auto-daub feature and you’ll never miss a score. Whenever one of your cards completes a pattern, it automatically declares bingo for you.

All in all, most people have a positive experience with online bingo. The chat window keeps it social and you can win some real money. You probably won’t get rich off bingo, but you will have a good time without risking too much money. Just make sure you play at a reputable bingo site and you’ll have a positive experience.