Best UK Bingo Sites

The UK is a great place to be a bingo player. There are more bingo sites in the UK than in any other country. For whatever reason, online bingo is big business in the UK. And with hundreds of sites to choose from, you’ll never suffer from a lack of options.

Having options is nice, but it also means you have to weed through a lot of competing, advertising and loud websites. They all claim to be the best and they all desperately want your business. Our advice is to take your time, choose carefully and make sure you end up at one of the top bingo sites available.

One indication that a bingo site is of high quality is the number of players there on average. Player traffic isn’t always a perfect indicator of quality, but it does indicate that enough players are having a good time there that they’re sticking around. Plus, big player numbers tell us that the website is profitable and financially stable.

Of course, we like to dig a little deeper than that. We also look at the software, game selection, payout percentage and average prize value. Finally, we look at the history behind each site to see if it has ever suffered from widespread allegations of theft or slow payouts. If everything looks good, we know we have a winner.

When we said above that bingo is big business in the UK, we were not kidding. It seems like a new bingo site opens every week. It’s good to see fast growth in the industry, but we like to wait a little before we go and recommend brand new bingo sites for UK players. The exception is when a new bingo site is launched by an established brand that we trust.

In any case, it’s easier to stick with well-known bingo sites. They tend to have the most players, the most games, the best promotions and the biggest prizes. Big bingo sites have significant resources to throw at new players. You almost always get the most value at big-name sites.

One last thing – the biggest bingo websites are also starting to develop mobile apps for tablets and mobile phones.  You can download these apps from the official app store in the UK and play on the go. We have to tell you, online bingo looks great on the iPad.

What to Expect from Online Bingo

The majority of UK bingo websites offer both 75 and 90 ball bingo for real money. Cards cost anywhere from 1p to £5 and above. Most people stick with the low stakes games because it adds up when you buy 5 or more cards in a single game. Even in the low stakes games, some of the prizes can be quite significant.

The first time you deposit at a bingo site, you’ll get some kind of welcome bonus. In many cases, you’ll get an instant £50 or so to go towards your cards. The catch is that you must player X number of games before you can withdraw anything that you win with the free cash. Most people have no problem meeting the requirement, but it’s worth knowing in advance.

Some of the larger bingo sites also host regular promotions for existing players. These promos take all different forms, but they usually include some kind of special prize for playing certain games or for playing during certain days of the week. It changes all the time, but your bingo site will let you know in advance.

Nearly all bingo sites come with a chat function that you can use to talk and interact with the other players. This is actually kind of important because bingo is a social game at heart. It’s not really about the competition as much as it is about meeting your friends, talking, laughing and encouraging one another. Playing at home loses some of that magic, but the chat features help a lot.

As long as you know the basics of bingo, you won’t have any problems getting started. What we recommend is to pick a safe website and jump right in. Start out with a small deposit and go play a few games. You’ll get the idea pretty quick and can then decide if online bingo is for you.