Visa Gambling Sites

Visa Betting Sites
One of the most popular methods of funding an online gambling account is through the use of a credit card. By far, the most popular and most utilized credit card in the world is the Visa card. For those of you looking to get started gambling online right now using your Visa card, you’re in luck. Below, you’re going to find the most current list of the top-rated Visa gambling sites. To get started now, click on one of these sites and you’ll be playing your favorite games (and hopefully winning big) in no time!

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Wild Casino
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Las Atlantis
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50% Up To $250 Visit Site Bovada
125% Up To $2,500 Visit Site BetUS
60% Up To $1,000 Visit Site BetOnline

Is Visa the best option to use to deposit online?

A question that we hear a lot is whether or not your Visa credit card is a good option to use or if it is the best option when it comes to depositing into an online gambling site. Well, the answer is that it depends. You see, there is really no such thing as a single best option for everyone for depositing, but there is a single best option for you! That is going to be dependent on a lot of different factors and decisions that you need to make personally.

Here’s what we can say about using a Visa card to gamble online. If you have a Visa card already, it’s one of the easiest and quickest methods for funding your online gambling account. A lot of times online gambling sites are based out of foreign countries and use banking options that are outside of your country of residence.

While there’s nothing wrong with this at all, it can cause issues for patrons using debit cards or other forms of depositing. Typically, your bank is going to flag an international debit card purchase, and you’ll have to jump through some hoops to get things cleared. But, when it comes to credit cards and your Visa credit card, banks and financial institutions are much more accustomed to these cards being used for international and one-off transactions. So, you’re going to run a much lower risk of having to jump through a bunch of hoops to be able to spend your own money.

The one situation where a Visa card might not be the best method of funding your online gambling account is if you are someone who lacks self-discipline and struggles with self-control. To be honest, if you have those traits, you probably shouldn’t be gambling at all regardless of the method you’re using to fund your account. But, using a Visa card becomes much more dangerous for people who fall into that category.

Why? Well, a Visa credit card gives you access to credit. The very nature of the Visa card is that it gives you access to funds that you might not actually have on hand. If you have great self-control, then this is a convenience and not a problem. But, if you have problems with betting more than you should, access to money you don’t have could be a problem.

We’re guessing that 99% of you reading this will have no issues with the aforementioned problem. But, we did want to mention it and caution you in case you do fall into that category. We will have some tips in the next section for utilizing your Visa card properly to help protect you from ever making any mistakes in this realm. It will still take some self-control, but for most of you just looking for a good time that’s not going to be much of an issue.

Additionally, most of you probably have a Visa card that gives you some sort of rewards or points on purchases. Your online gambling deposits are going to register as entertainment purchases so most of you will get your rewards points for using this method which is another nice perk and reason for using a Visa gambling site. Everyone loves free cash or free flights or whatever your Visa program gives you!

Tips for Using a Visa Betting Site

We wanted to give you a few great tips to ensure you get the most out of any Visa betting site you choose to use. Take a few minutes and look through everything we have for you below and we’re sure it will help you have the best experience possible.

Don’t Bet on Credit

A Visa credit card is well, a credit card. This means that you do not have to have the funds available in your account before you spend them like you would have to with a debit card. While this could be a beneficial service that you want to use when making bigger ticket purchase, it’s not something you ever want to use when gambling or sports betting.

You should only ever be betting with money that you have on hand and never with credit. When you use your Visa credit card, just make sure you pay off the bill immediately or at the end of the month. That way you are never charged any interest fees from Visa, and you ensure that you never get carried away betting with money that you don’t have and aren’t comfortable losing.

Understand the Added Protections

When using a Visa card or any credit card to make your purchases online, you are afforded a lot of added protections that you just don’t get with a debit card or e-wallet. If for some awful reason your card information is compromised, it is much easier for you to get your money back when using a credit card than it is using a debit card.

With a debit card or e-wallet, you might be able to recover your funds, but most likely you’re going to be out of luck. But, when you utilize a credit card or Visa credit card, you can easily dispute the charges and most major credit card companies will immediately return your money to you and then worrying about going after the thief themselves.

Now, do we expect your information to be compromised when gambling online? Of course not! Your information is actually safer with most online gambling sites than it is with most of the shops and other websites that you use online. Because of the nature of their business, they put a lot of extra security measures in place to protect you. But, just because you don’t expect your house to burn down doesn’t mean you don’t still buy smoke detectors. Using your Visa credit card to do anything online is going to leave you in a much safer and much better position than using a debit card or some of the other methods out there.

Look Into Visa as a Withdrawal Method

One thing that you may not be aware of when using a Visa betting site is that a lot of the sites will allow you to use your credit card as a withdrawal method. Now, this is not every site, and not every site handles it the same, but it is something that you should at least be aware of. For some sites, your Visa card is just a deposit method, and your withdrawals will be processed in a different way.

For most of the other sites, though, they will allow you to withdraw up to 100% of the money you deposited back onto your Visa Card. So, if you made $500 in deposits lifetime, you can withdraw up to $500 back onto your card quickly. If you’re withdrawing more than that, the remainder will come out on some additional method that you choose. We’re starting to see this become more popular especially with some of the regulated US sites that are popping up.

Get Started Now!

If you’re ready to get started with a Visa gambling site, you’re just minutes away from being in the action. Scroll back up to the top of this page and check out one of the awesome sites that we’ve recommended. These are the top Visa gambling sites available to you and sites that will offer you an incredible online gambling experience regardless of what game you’re looking for. You can be in the action in a matter of minutes! Good luck!